华熙国际公寓店(Bloomage Suites)新开业餐厅Deli de Luxe

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Deli de Luxe华熙国际公寓店(Bloomage Suites) - 让记忆生长 Let memories grow

Deli de Luxe



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2020年12月,Deli de Luxe离开了朝夕相处多年的景园小区,于2021年1月落地华熙国际公寓

In December 2020, Deli de Luxe moved away from Parkview Tower, a neighborhood where it had comfortably entertained its customers for years, and has settled itself instead in Bloomage Suites Beijing since January 2021.



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The signature red house, friendly neighbors, like-minded guests, and objects like flowers and grass in vase, dining tables and wooden ornaments in the restaurant all together form the best memories in this special year of 2021.


Life is

like a journey

景园店是Deli de Luxe不仅仅是一家享受美食的餐饮店,更是承载了许多人美好回忆的会客厅。经年累月,这间暖暖的红房子不仅陪伴主理人Kiyono和家人渡过了美好的岁月,也成了社区邻居们区隔城市喧嚣的温馨天地:许多家庭在这里见证了稚嫩生命到翩翩少年的成长高光时刻,就餐品茗间邻里留下温暖问候……不经意间,Deli de Luxe社区会客厅的餐桌,成为许多家庭和个人的联结纽带和温情记忆。

Deli De Luxe (Parkview Tower) had been more than a restaurant where guests can enjoy tasty food, it’s more like a living room that carries many people's wonderful memories. Over years, this warm little red house not only had accompanied its manager Kiyono and her family like a friend, but had also become a cozy space for neighbors in the community to chill out amidst the hustle and bustle of the city: many have witnessed Kiyono’s two kids’ growth from babyhood into adolescence and extended warm greetings while savoring delicacies and tea...Inadvertently, the dining tables in Deli de Luxe have become certain sort of a living room for the community, forming bonds and carrying sweet memories for families and individuals who patronize it.

新生 NOW




This concept has become even more apparent in 2021.


Deli de Luxe

主理人 Owner

突如其来的疫情改变了人们的生活方式和轨迹,更是因为经过疫情,Deli de Luxe希望除了提供餐饮服务,更加致力于连接人与自然,通过Deli的餐桌让大家了解到土地和食材的美好;更重要的是,让Deli de Luxe能成为社区人和人之间的纽带。

The sudden epidemic shattered most people's usual lifestyles and trajectories. It is because of the epidemic that Deli de Luxe hopes it, in addition to providing catering services, could be more committed to connecting people and nature. Through its dining table, Deli wishes to help individuals catch the beauty of land and food ingredients; More importantly, Deli de Luxe strives to be a link between members in the community.

带着这样的思考, Deli de Luxe新址落在了华熙国际公寓,一个仍然拥有干净明亮、让人舒心的自然温馨的氛围的半开放式餐厅。而新店独有的静谧宽阔的大露台,户外活动平台,让新生的Deli de Luxe有了更多将理想落地的可能性:“除了继续致力于将可持续性和农场到餐桌的概念带给大家,更多思考新店选址时怎么链接社区,怎样作为社区共享会客厅发挥更好更多的可能性及功能性。围绕怎样给大家创造美好的记忆而服务。”

With this in mind, Kiyono chose Bloomage Suites Beijing as the new location for Deli de Luxe, a semi-open restaurant with a clean, bright, comfortable, natural and warm atmosphere as before. The quiet and wide terrace, outdoor activity platform creates more possibilities for the newly born Deli de Luxe to realize its ideals: “Kiyono keeps this in mind when selecting the new location: in addition to keeping a sustainable and farm-to-table concept alive in customers’ minds, Deli de Luxe shall be a shared public living room that connects the community, fulfills more possibilities and functions, and creates wonderful memories for everyone.”

与Deli de Luxe一起入驻新址的,是景园店里一切跟时光有关的,有记忆、有回忆的老物件,在过去长年累月的使用过程中,他们因为凝固下了每一个曾经停留的人身上的气息、婆娑的指纹而变得特殊起来。新加入店内陈设的,还有一些来自丹麦17-19世界的老家具老物件。新的空间里,这些老物件承担了连结的使命,他们记录下了那些看不见的厚重的情感,比如那些与此相关的记忆,比如那些悄然逝去的时间,就如同被时光雕刻出的有温度的灵魂。旧物新生,不仅体现了Deli一向的环保理念,更是让记忆得到了持续的生长。

What move into the new location together with Deli de Luxe are some antique objects once presented in the restaurant at Parkview Tower and carrying sentiments and memories from the past. They become special because of the breath and touch left by individuals who once lingered around them. Newly added to the furnishings of restaurant are some antique furniture and objects from the 17th-19th Denmark. In the new space, those old objects take on the mission of connecting the past and the present. They, like a living soul with warmth, record heavy, invisible emotions, memories attached to such emotions and quietly passing time. The rebirth of old objects in a modern dining space not only reflects Deli's environmental protection philosophy, but also allows the continuous growth of memories.


Address: Deli de Luxe Bloomage suites, N5, West Sun Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing